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Relativism as Religion - Revised Edition


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Patrick Madrid (Editor, Envoy Magazine) - "Every parent knows that the "do as I say, not as I do" attitude towards raising children leads to disaster. Unfortunately, knowing this attitude has disastrous consequences doesn't guarantee that one will act in such a way to avoid those consequences. 

"The root problem here is relativism. It's a rejection of the concept of objective, unchanging truth in favor of multiple "truths". It breeds the all too familiar "That may be true for you, but it's not true for me" mentality. This thinking, of course, enables people to commit all manner of crimes and annoyances because it sedates their consciences and whispers reassurances that their "truth" is being safeguarded, even though they know deep down that what they're doing is contrary to objective truth. Relativism is also, commonly, a denial that there is One True Church. This type of relativism seeks to impose the notion that the Catholic Church is merely one option among many. And for many, perhaps most, Catholics, relativism in either form - moral or religious - can be a temptation as well as a vexing obstacle when dealing with others who deny absolute truths. 

Now there is a helpful new tool to clear away the relativist's clutter that besets us everywhere. "Relativism, The Redefinition Of Religion" (Formerly, Relativism As Religion), is a straightforward examination of how we and those around us can become emmeshed in fuzzy thinking about morality, religion, and even our own families. The book sets forth a clear diagnosis of the problem and offers practical insights for combating it. I particularly appreciated the author's attention to grounding his arguments in the wisdom of the Church and his reminders that we must recognize the authority of the Pope. Relativism As Religion will take its rightful place among those excellent books that help us to see reality the way it really is."

Fr. George Rutler (Frequently seen on EWTN) - "This is a helpful analysis of the deep sickness in "attempts" to think in our day. The author gives straightforward advice on how the sickness can be cured by Christ, the Good Physician and His, One, True Church."

Bishop John Elya (Eparch, Melkite Catholic Rite) - "Commendable work. May the Light of Christ enlighten us all. Thank you very much, Roger LeBlanc, for a job very well done."

Fr. Michael Scanlon (President, Stuebenville University) - "Timely and important. This book links the pervasive manifestation of relativism throughout church life today and compares them with the historic role of the Catholic Church as teacher of Truth."

Foreword by Malachi Martin - "Those who read this book by Roger LeBlanc will begin to realize about half-way through their reading that the author has pulled off the almost impossible. He has handled and treated the most explosive (and for believers the most exasperating) element in Christianity today, but has done so with all the calm skill, technical accuracy and mental balance that we associate with those who have to work with nitroglycerine. 

The explosive element in question is religious relativism, the denial that there is one true religion and only one. The fecklessness, the saucy presumption, the suicidal ignorance displayed by our modern religious relativists evokes a great disgust and is an incitement to violent language. This relativism is subtle, inserting itself everywhere in religion and effectively introducing a blight into Christianity and, in particular, into the ranks of Roman Catholicism. 

Yet, Roger LeBlanc conducts his examination of relativism without any heat or violence. He dissects and analyzes relativism in its origins and its destruction of Roman Catholic beliefs concerning marriage, sexuality, the family, the Papacy, the Sacraments, social and political relations, education and science. 

All this in eleven highly readable chapters accessible to anyone with a high school education. He never once engages in "ad hominem" arguments nor savages those who are busy destroying Catholicism. Rather, in sheer, clear logic, he demolishes all the arguments used by the relativists. He reaches far back into our origins in the Garden of Eden, correctly citing the sinful relativism of Miriam, the sister of Moses. She was, in one quick instant, cursed by God and turned into a snow-white leper in order to pinpoint for all generations the innate perversion of relativism. But throughout LeBlanc's demolition of religious relativism, you will see no ranting abuse or denunciation. His monograph is a perfect example of what St. Anselm pithily defined as "fides quaerens intellectum" (the believer seeking to understand his beliefs). 

For this reason this book will be a Godsend for all classes of people: for believers who must refurbish their religious acuity, , for those whose went cold in a cold world, for ..."

Fr. Robert Fox (Fatima Family Apostolate),


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