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Catholicism on Trial Series - Trial #1 The Bible Alone vs. the Catholic Church - Revised Edition


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This book is the 1st in a Series of Trials in which Catholic representatives must defend Catholic doctrine in Court. Protestants have longed for the day they could force the Church to provide evidence for its claims of authority and its doctrinal teachings using only Scripture and very restricted historical evidence. In this 1st Trial, Catholic representatives must prove that Jesus Christ established only the Catholic Church, and that it is governed by the Successor of Peter and the Bishops in communion with him. Pope Benedict XVI recently stated that Protestant denominations cannot be regarded as a “Church”. This lightning rod statement has shaken the Protestant world. What is at stake in this Trial Series is nothing short of sensational, and you get to be on the Jury. And what is more, Protestants will be shocked to find they are thoroughly silenced by Catholic Representatives in this Trial Series.

Foreword by Monsignor Hilary Franco


Roger LeBlanc deserves to be praised for his enthusiasm in dealing with a project that has been the dream of any apologist in the history of the Church.

Trying to present Catholicism in a way that could be conducive to modern day understanding, Mr. Le Blanc uses a Perry Mason approach to defend the Catholic values of Scripture and Tradition against the so called 'scriptural experts' who use the Holy Scriptures to their own advantage giving an interpretation that most of the times risks to falsify the divine goal to teach human beings the fundamental elements necessary to reach salvation.

The "Series" could definitely be an excellent tool for every priest whose task (one of the most important ones in his ministry) is to convey to his flock the truths contained in the Scriptures complementing them with whatever we believe is part of the Church's bimillenerian Tradition. This is why I feel that Roger has purposely dedicated the "Series" to "Catholic Priests and the flock to whom they tend".

Roger LeBlanc's "Catholicism on Trial Series" is so easy to read and to follow that every lay person could benefit from it and it can actually be put in the hands of a high school student who is interested in learning more about religion.

My personal curiosity in reading the volumes stemmed mainly from two factors: one was that - having served the Church universal at the Vatican for twenty-six years of my priestly life - I was mesmerized by the approach of what the Author calls an 'International Court of Law'; the second factor had to do with the Counsel for the Defendant who happens to be Attorney Peter Sheen who 'has been given the same birth name as the well known and beloved Bishop Fulton J. Sheen'… whom I was privileged to serve for almost five years.

The volumes exude and breathe great dedication to the Church, to the Holy Father and to the Magisterium.

For all these reasons I would heartily recommend the use of these volumes to whomever loves and appreciates the contribution of Catholicism to the history of the world in the last two millennia and beyond.

Msgr. Hilary Franco

Monsignor Franco headed the Congregation of the Clergy at the Vatican for 24 years for the English speaking world. In his official capacity he also "Promoted the preaching of the Word of God and the works of the apostolate and organization of catechesis, evaluates and approves pastoral and catechetical directories ... and indicates the opportune norms for religious instruction of children, young people and adults. Before his appointment to the Congregation of the Clergy he served in the Diplomatic Corps of the Vatican at the Apostolic Delegation in Washington D.C. for 2 years. He also worked directly with Bishop Sheen as his assistant for five years at the National Office for the Propagation of the Faith in New York. While in that office, he was a member of the board of the Directors of World Mission Magazine. He also served as a "Peritus" (expert) at the 2nd Vatican Council. He is a Prelate of the Holy Father, and he has contributed articles for the New Catholic Encyclopedia. Additionally, Monsignor Franco is a Judge in the Court of Appeals in the Metropolitan Tribunal for the State of New York.  


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